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birthstone jewelry

 Your Guide to Birthstone Jewelry

Why is Birthstone Jewelry So Popular? 

Birthstones are believed to be a lucky charm for individuals. They are also believed to bring protection, good health, and a good omen. This is why people tend to wear birthstone jewelry often. For a lot of people today, birthstones are also a symbol of their uniqueness. So if they’re going to bring you good vibes and symbolize a part of who you are as an individual, it makes sense why people love to wear birthstone jewelry all the time! 

Birthstone jewelry may also be important to people who received them from older generations in their family. While it might not be their specific birthstone, wearing that piece of jewelry symbolizes the love they have for the individual who passed it down to them. 

Each birthstone has its own story which is just another reason why we at S Design Jewelry love them so much. To us, jewelry is more than just a pretty necklace, bracelet, or ring that you wear every day. Jewelry brings meaning, love, strength, and so much more. Jewelry is powerful! In this post, we’re going to go through each birthstone and explain their individual power and what makes them so special as well as give you a look at some of the awesome handmade birthstone jewelry that we have! 

Garnet Birthstone – January Adventure | Motivation 

A person born in January has a Garnet birthstone. This stone is a deep red crystal. Garnet signifies harmony and peace and wards off evil and negative energies. It is also known to heal wounds and purify the blood. There is also the notion that while wearing garnet you will receive tons of goodwill. Wear your Garnet stone jewelry to keep you grounded throughout every journey you embark on in life! 


garnet earrings








Earring | Sparkles | Garnet                   Necklace | January | Garnet 

Amethyst Birthstone - February Intuition | Courage 

The Amethyst birthstone is a beautiful purple/indigo color. This stone is known to give the power of protection and can help overcome trouble. Amethyst is also known to strengthen love and relationships as well as bring mental and emotional peace to the wearer. It is a natural hormone balancer and helps bring stability and relaxation. 

amethyst necklace
amethyst bracelet

Aquamarine Birthstone – March Peace | Serenity

The Aquamarine stone is the color blue and was believed to protect sailors from all the dangers during their journeys. This birthstone brings optimism and admiration. It is also known to be a great charm for pregnant women as it guards and protects both the baby and the mother. Wear an Aquamarine stone to bring serenity to your days. 


Bracelet | March – Aquamarine                        Earring | March - Aquamarine 

Diamond Birthstone - April Spirituality | Inspiration

People born in April have the beautiful Diamond birthstone. A Diamond is a symbol of pureness and bravery. Diamonds bring good health and strength to the wearer. They also help strengthen the brain, build up stamina, and treat all types of allergies. Wear this stone and allow it to inspire you throughout your days.

Diamond Birthstone necklaceDiamond Birthstone bracelet








Necklace | April – Crystal                Bracelet | April - Crystal

Emerald Birthstone – May Wisdom | Patience

Emerald is a gorgeous green stone that symbolizes affection, intelligence, and serenity. This stone helps cure and strengthen the heart and lungs. It is also said to transform negative energy into positive energy. While wearing the Emerald stone always remember to have patience, not only for others but for yourself also. 

Emerald bracelet

Birthstone | Bracelet | May - Emerald

Emerald earrings

Birthstone | Earring | May - Emerald - Wisdom

Emerald necklace

Emerald earrings

Earring | Sparkles | Emerald 


Pearl and Light Amethyst Birthstone - June Intuition | Compassion

Pearls & Light Amethyst are the birthstones for those born in June. Pearls symbolize chastity and restraint. They are known to calm a racing mind and also control aggression. A Pearl also helps the wearer sleep well, have good dreams, and be successful in creative work. Light Amethyst is known to strengthen relationships and give its wearer both compassion and courage throughout their days. 

Pearl necklace

Pearl | Little Layer Necklace | Natural White

Pearl earring

Earring | Mini Post | Pearl

Light Amethyst earrings

Earring | June - Light Amethyst - Compassion

Light Amethyst bracelet

Bracelet | June - Light Amethyst


Ruby Birthstone - July Passionate

The Ruby birthstone is a rich red color. Ruby symbolizes peace and tranquility. It is known as the “King of Gems” and will always protect the wearer from all evil. Its rich red color indicates desire, fondness, power, and a whole lot of passion. 

Ruby bracelet








Birthstone | Bracelet | July - Ruby            Birthstone | Earring | July – Ruby

Peridot Birthstone – August Balance | Strength

The Peridot birthstone is a fine-looking light green stone. S Design uses a fine Olivine Crystal in its Necklace, Bracelet and Drop Earring designs as “Peridot” is a color derived from the root olivine gemstone. This stone is unique as it’s known to regular one’s cycle of life emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It helps the wearer develop self-confidence and stimulates the overall growth of a person. Peridot is also known to help sharpen memory. 

Peridot earringsPeridot necklace







Earring | Sparkles | Peridot                  Birthstone | Necklace | August

Sapphire Birthstone - September Wisdom | Positivity

This elegant birthstone is a beautiful Sapphire blue and is known to be very lucky for people born in September. This stone guards against evil and is also believed to treat all blood disorders and strengthen veins and nerves. It represents pride, pureness, and insight. Radiate with positivity whenever you wear this birthstone! 

Sapphire earringsSapphire bracelet








Earring | September - Sapphire         Bracelet | September – Sapphire

Rose Quartz & Pearl Opal Birthstone - October Confidence | Enlightenment

The word Opal is derived from a Latin word meaning “precious stone.” Similar to a few other stones, this stone will protect the wearer from evil, inspiring confidence and enlightenment. It has healing properties and helps attract all positive energy. S Design also uses Rose Crystal to emulate the color of Pink Tourmaline typically associated with the Birthstone Color of October. Rose Crystal is the stone of universal love. It restores harmony and trust as well as purifies and opens our hearts.


Rose Quartz braceletRose Quartz necklace








Birthstone | Bracelet | October - Rose       Birthstone | Necklace | October - Rose

pearl necklace








Pearl | Little Layer Necklace | Natural White           Earring | Mini Post | Pearl


Topaz & Citrine Birthstone - November Mindful | Intellectual

Individuals born in November have the Topaz birthstone. Many cultures also use the Citrine Crystal to emulate a more feminine tone of this birthstone color. Topaz and Citrine bring joy, good health, and luck to the wearer. They are also known to help stabilize emotions and provide relief from negative energies. Wear these beautiful stones to encourage confidence and self-realization as well as attract love and healing properties. 


Topaz earringsCitrine bracelet








Earring | Sparkles | Topaz Shimmer         Necklace | November - Citrine

Blue Topaz Birthstone - December Intention | Mindfulness

For the people born in December, the Blue Topaz stone is known for its purification properties. It aids kindness, understanding, and the recognition of beauty. It also helps heal the body and strengthens the immune system. Blue Topaz also helps relax the mind and body while getting rid of negativity. 

Blue Topaz earrings








Earring | December - Blue Topaz        Necklace | December - Blue Topaz


Shop Birthstone Jewelry with S Design Jewelry 

Now that you’ve read all the wonderful information and effects the birthstones have on the mind and body, are you ready to shop for them?! Shop our online store to find beautiful handmade birthstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at sales@sdesignjewelry.com or fill out a contact form on our website.

February 22, 2021
cleaning jewelry at home

Quick Tips to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

When’s the last time you cleaned your jewelry? Whether it’s your everyday jewelry or unique pieces you wear on special occasions, it’s likely that they’re ready for a little polish. Soaps, lotions, and everyday dust and dirt are just some of the things that can build up and cause your stones, bands, and chains to lose their beautiful shine. 

Most people don’t notice their jewelry needs cleaning until it’s time to put them on. Luckily, there are many ways to easily clean your jewelry with supplies you have right at home! The S Design Jewelry experts have put together some tips so you can get your jewelry buffed and shining in no time. 

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

If you don’t have silver jewelry polish on hand, don’t worry. You can go about cleaning silver jewelry by simply using dish soap or baking soda! Keep in mind that when cleaning silver jewelry it’s important to not scrub too hard. Scrubbing too hard may result in wearing away the finish. 

Using Dish Soap

If you choose to use dish soap, mix a few drops with warm water. Use a soft cloth and rub the piece of jewelry to remove the tarnish. From there, rinse the jewelry with cool water and buff it dry with another dry soft cloth. 

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is useful when there’s a decent amount of tarnish on your piece of jewelry. Mix together 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water to create a paste-like substance. Apply the substance to the jewelry with a soft cloth and get it all into the crevices. Use the cloth to pick out the tarnish as the baking soda works to lift the tarnish out of the jewelry crevices. Then once again, rinse with cool water and buff it dry. 

How to Clean Gold Jewelry 

When cleaning gold jewelry, you can also use dish soap. However, with gold jewelry, you want to let them sit in the solution. Add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of warm water. Let the jewelry soak in the solution for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, take them out of the solution and lay them on a cloth. From there you can take another cloth to simply wipe away all the dirt that came out of the jewelry and then rinse the pieces completely. 

How to Clean Gemstones

Have your gemstones lost their sparkle and become dull? We have the perfect solution. Use the same instructions for gemstones that we used for gold jewelry above. However, this time instead of mixing the dish soap with regular water, mix it with seltzer water. The carbonation in the seltzer water will help loosen the debris that is trapped in and around the gemstone. Once you rinse the piece of jewelry your gemstone will be shining and looking brand new again! 


Favorites from S Design Jewelry 

We have a handful of Sterling Silver Single Stone necklaces that are some of our favorites. With a silver chain and multiple colors to choose from for your stone, this is a perfect piece of jewelry for both everyday wear or if you’re getting ready for a night out! 

bella soft bangle bracelet
bella earring
bella necklace
heart cut out necklace
rose stone bracelet

Ciaobella Rose Bracelet | Rose Quartz - Love


Shop S Design Jewelry 

While the pieces of jewelry we showed you in this post are some of our favorites, we certainly have many more favorites and amazing pieces of jewelry. Take a look through the rest of our website to see all the beautiful pieces we have to offer. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our jewelry or cleaning your jewelry! You can send us an email at Sales@sdesignjewelry.com or fill out a contact form

Check out our product care guide as well! 

February 01, 2021
measure ring size

How Can I Measure My Ring Size at Home?

The internet offers us access to literally everything these days. We rarely need to leave our homes to run errands, get food, exercise, etc. So the same is true when it comes to measuring our ring size before ordering them online. While you could go to a jeweler to measure your ring size if it’s possible to do it from home, why bother? Plus, when you’re looking through all of S Design Jewelry’s beautiful rings you don’t want to have to wait to put in your order! 

U.S. ring sizes are on a number scale and usually range from sizes 3 to 13. However, women’s ring sizes commonly range between sizes 5 and 8. It’s very convenient to know your ring size so that you can easily order the ring you want and you know that it’ll fit perfectly. Before we explain how exactly you can measure your ring size at home, here are 2 things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to consider your knuckle. If your knuckle is a little bigger, consider ordering a size up so that you can comfortably put it on and take it off. 
  • To make sure you’re measuring the correct size, measure it multiple times. We suggest this because your size can change based on the temperature. If your fingers are cold your size may be smaller than when it’s warm since your fingers might swell a little in the heat.  

Now that you have those in mind, it’s time to do the measuring! Here are three easy ways to measure your ring size right in the comfort of your own home. 

1. Measure Your Finger with String or Floss

You can easily measure your ring size with string however if you don’t have any string in your house you probably have some floss! Floss will work just as well. Take either the string or piece of floss and wrap it around your finger where the ring will be. Mark on your string where it begins to overlap. Then, use a ruler to measure and write down the length in millimeters. 

With most ring sizes, every size matches up to a 0.8-millimeter increment. So a ring size 5 equals 15.6mm, size 6 equals 16.4mm, size 7 equals 17.3mm, and so on. 

If you choose to measure with string or floss, keep in mind that these items have the ability to stretch a little bit so make sure to be delicate with them. 

2. Place a Ring You Already Own on a Ring Size Chart

If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, use that to help you. Print out a ring size chart and place the ring on each ring circle until you find the size that matches. You can easily find a ring size chart online. When doing this, be sure to match up the inside circumference of your ring, not the outside.

3. Buy Your Own Ring Sizer 

If you think the other options might not give you as accurate of results as you’d like, consider buying a ring measurement tool. You can find great, cheap ones on Amazon, and once again you won’t have to leave your home! 


Shop Rings at S Design Jewelry 

At S Design Jewelry we have a great selection of rings. Our rings are unique, great quality, and are sure to add a beautiful pop to your hands. Below are four of our favorite rings! However, we have tons to choose from on our website. Check them out and put in an order today! If you have any questions about our jewelry feel free to send us an email at Sales@sdesignjewelry.com or fill out a contact form!

January 29, 2021

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