Sample Box | Sea Glass - Select your Coastal Charm Symbol and we do the rest.

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$ 199.00

S Design Sea Glass Collection is hand crafted with Frosted Glass to give each design the perfect seaside shade.
In this box we have created an introduction to our line.
Wholesale Price $ 79.60 Retail Value: $199
This is designed to help you understand the packaging program for each product and help you determine which collections will be right for your Boutique.
In this assortment, you will receive 5Items.  

Collections Featured

*Sea Glass Cluster Necklace Necklace
*Wishing stone Bracelet
*Soft Bangle Charm Bracelet
*French Wire Earring-Sterling Silver
*Kidney Wire Earring-Sterling Silver
*Coastal Charm Earring


*You Select the Coastal Charm Style and We will create your Sample Collection

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