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Small Business Saturday falls every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday was originally created by American Express in 2010 during the recession. This was in efforts to encourage holiday shoppers to support local businesses rather than the big stores and brands. With COVID-19 hitting the U.S. so hard, it’s encouraged to start shopping small businesses not only on Small Business Saturday but as often as you possibly can! While shopping small businesses will help feed families rather than big corporations there are also other beneficial reasons. 

Handmade and Small Businesses Give Back to Local Communities

Supporting local businesses means that you are also supporting your local community. This is because the revenue will most likely stay within that community. The tax you pay on your orders from local businesses will also be used to pay taxes to your community, city, and state. 

When buying handmade products from a small business you are also giving the artist even more confidence in their products. This will lead them to grow and develop themselves even more so that they can continue to grow their business and give back to their community.  

Buying Handmade Jewelry is Greener and More Sustainable

Pieces of handmade jewelry are special, one of a kind items instead of mass-produced products. Small businesses often make their handmade items in their home, just like S Design Jewelry! I make my gorgeous, handmade jewelry right in my home instead of a production facility. Doing this along with having mostly local customers allows my handmade products to require less energy needed to produce them which leads to a much lower carbon footprint. 

Holiday Jewelry Collection Under $50

Since you’ve taken the time to visit my blog, I’m assuming you’re interested in my beautiful, original handmade jewelry! This holiday season I have taken the time to put together a collection of handmade jewelry where each item is under $50! During these difficult times, a new piece of jewelry made from a small business is sure to brighten anyone’s day. Here are a few pieces of jewelry from our Holiday Gifts Under $50 collection. To view the full collection visit here

Feather | Little Layer Necklace

Made from sterling silver, this feather little layer necklace is absolutely stunning! The meaning of this charm is ‘Lightness of Spirit.’ Pair this perfect little layer necklace with any other necklace to complete your gorgeous look. 

 feather necklace

Wrap | Stone | Necklace-Bracelet

Made from Rose Quartz, this wrap stone piece of jewelry can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. This piece of jewelry brings nothing but Love and Power. Wear it proudly or give it as a gift and wrap Her in Love this holiday season.

wrap stone necklace/bracelet

Earring | Teardrop 

Made from hematite, these teardrop earrings are absolutely perfect! Let these hematite earrings keep you grounded while completing your ravishing look.  

teardrop earring

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Check out more from our under $50 holiday collection! This collection is diverse and has something for everyone. For more information on this collection or any of our other collections, get in touch with us today! Fill out an online form or send us an email at
December 01, 2020 by Tricia DePaola

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