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The internet offers us access to literally everything these days. We rarely need to leave our homes to run errands, get food, exercise, etc. So the same is true when it comes to measuring our ring size before ordering them online. While you could go to a jeweler to measure your ring size if it’s possible to do it from home, why bother? Plus, when you’re looking through all of S Design Jewelry’s beautiful rings you don’t want to have to wait to put in your order! 

U.S. ring sizes are on a number scale and usually range from sizes 3 to 13. However, women’s ring sizes commonly range between sizes 5 and 8. It’s very convenient to know your ring size so that you can easily order the ring you want and you know that it’ll fit perfectly. Before we explain how exactly you can measure your ring size at home, here are 2 things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to consider your knuckle. If your knuckle is a little bigger, consider ordering a size up so that you can comfortably put it on and take it off. 
  • To make sure you’re measuring the correct size, measure it multiple times. We suggest this because your size can change based on the temperature. If your fingers are cold your size may be smaller than when it’s warm since your fingers might swell a little in the heat.  

Now that you have those in mind, it’s time to do the measuring! Here are three easy ways to measure your ring size right in the comfort of your own home. 

1. Measure Your Finger with String or Floss

You can easily measure your ring size with string however if you don’t have any string in your house you probably have some floss! Floss will work just as well. Take either the string or piece of floss and wrap it around your finger where the ring will be. Mark on your string where it begins to overlap. Then, use a ruler to measure and write down the length in millimeters. 

With most ring sizes, every size matches up to a 0.8-millimeter increment. So a ring size 5 equals 15.6mm, size 6 equals 16.4mm, size 7 equals 17.3mm, and so on. 

If you choose to measure with string or floss, keep in mind that these items have the ability to stretch a little bit so make sure to be delicate with them. 

2. Place a Ring You Already Own on a Ring Size Chart

If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, use that to help you. Print out a ring size chart and place the ring on each ring circle until you find the size that matches. You can easily find a ring size chart online. When doing this, be sure to match up the inside circumference of your ring, not the outside.

3. Buy Your Own Ring Sizer 

If you think the other options might not give you as accurate of results as you’d like, consider buying a ring measurement tool. You can find great, cheap ones on Amazon, and once again you won’t have to leave your home! 


Shop Rings at S Design Jewelry 

At S Design Jewelry we have a great selection of rings. Our rings are unique, great quality, and are sure to add a beautiful pop to your hands. Below are four of our favorite rings! However, we have tons to choose from on our website. Check them out and put in an order today! If you have any questions about our jewelry feel free to send us an email at or fill out a contact form!

January 29, 2021 by Tricia DePaola

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