How to take a Teaching Moment to a Movement

Hello Friends,

First thing Savannah and I want to say is Thank You!

Because of your generosity and support my Teaching Moment for Savannah has turned into a Hero Morale Building Movement for many Front-Line Workers.

It started with one piece of Jewelry. “We call it Spiritual Armor”. The goal has been one thing, show the Front Line Workers that the people in their Communities Care. “ I wanted to show my daughter that when you Recognize and Reward people for their hard work it makes them feel appreciated and happy, it lifts their spirits.”

I continue to be overwhelmed by the action taken by all our fans. YOU have made over 7000 Pledged Donations possible so far.  Yes, you heard it right we have taken your generous donations and made them into a Party Box. We are happy to tell you that over 3000 pledged Donations have been gifted so far! Thanks to all of you and your support for the Heroes in your Community, Savannah and I have been busy packing boxes and shipping gifts to lots of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community Centers, Shelters, Grocery Stores, Schools, Churches, Shipping Centers and more.

(Savannah hard at work loading the car.)

This has been a wild ride for us!  Many of you have participated in our donation allocations and I am so grateful. Posting on our Share your Hero Story Page has really impacted our process. Please continue to share. If you have shared and feel like you haven't been heard and we haven't reacted, please try again. I am so sorry, I have tried very hard to keep the communication flowing, but somethings have been missed!

Are YOU a Front-Line worker and what us to share with you and the team you work with? SEND IN YOUR INFORMATION. Do you want us to share to someone or someplace specifically. If so, please do the following.

  • Go to our Page: Share Your Hero Story. Literally even a sentence is all it takes.
  • We need the following information. Name of Hero ( first and last). Where they Work, Name of business, Town, State and Business phone number. Why they deserve to be honored. 
  • In these cases we are mailing to their place of work, this takes the burden of sharing private information away.

News to Know:

We have added a Men's COVID19 Strong Bracelets to the mix.

Join the Movement. Please share this link so your friends and loved ones can learn how to get involved. As we all know, many things Trend in the Media, we don't consider Doing Kind Things a Trend for our company. It is a Core Value at S Design Jewelry. We care, we share and will continue to do so with your help and support.

We believe that when you Help One, you help All.

Love, Tricia & Savannah

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