Learn how this Mom and Daughter Inspired a Community to take Action.

The journey from idea to help community members show there gratitude to the Front-Line workers became a reality when you ALL got involved. With each purchase of S Design COVID RELIEF JEWELRY, one is Donated to a Front-Line Worker in YOUR Community. Amazing Right. Here is how it has been going and some details about our plan and goals!

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we have received in response to our Bracelet Donation Initiative. To date we have over 565 Bracelets pledged for Donation from our Online Customers and also our tremendous Retail Partners that have shown up to this cause in a major way! I want to share our thoughts with you on how the Bracelet Donations are going to work. Although we wish the donations could be shipping out simultaneously as the pledges are coming in, we just don't have the manpower to execute everything at the same time and do it well. Our process to date is:

  1. Take the order. Many of you want to Drop ship the purchased Bracelet to someone special, we don't have this automated just yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime, please email me with your Order # and the Name and address you would like your order shipped to and we will be happy to do that for you. Be sure to include a small note to be included with the gift.
  2. Ship the order
  3. Mark the Map with units on a State and Town Level
  4.  Connect with the communities and determine where the Donations will have the greatest Impact on the Front-Line Workers.
  5. Contact the places and people and work out the logistics of delivery and experience from there.
  6. Every Donation that goes out will have a Gratitude Card that clearly states "A Grateful Member of YOUR Community made this Donation happen".

We would love to send the pledged Donations directly to specific people, with that said we would never be able to keep that up. The way we intend the Donations to go out is in groups to work places where groups of employees can feel appreciated as a community. We intend to share the messaging of the Hematite Stones in the design of the bracelets and the Spiritual Armor those stones can bestow upon the wearer. At the very least we want to share the message of appreciation and gratitude in a meaningful way and this will take time and intention.

With that said, please share names of Front-Line workers that are special to you during this Pandemic and WHY. Tell us about them. We want to share your stories of inspiration along the way.  We will do what we can to touch people as personally as possible. It may just take time. 

A reminder to all of you that I am operating the company alone at this time, My husband is a First Responder and in an effort to ensure the heath and safety of our employees they are not able to work in the studio at this time. I shouldn't say entirely alone because I have Savannah helping too. Now, you may be thinking that she is only 6...what could she be doing? Well, let me tell you...this little girl is very motivated!  She colors the maps of the State the Orders and Pledge Donations come in from and she also puts stickers on the Maps that show the towns in each State that have pledged donations! She also helps put the mailing labels on the packages. She is amazing and she fills my heart with love every minute. Even when I am working to the point of exhaustion, she is cheering me on and let me tell you, she CAN NOT wait to deliver the Donations when it is possible. Yes Moms! I have my own version of Social Studies going on over here!

Thank you for your continued support! 

Please share pictures of you and your loved ones wearing our #COVID19strong Bracelets.

Tag us @sdesignjewelry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
You can also email us pictures to sales@sdesignjewelry.com.
With these images we will begin to post and share more and more with you. 

Love, Tricia & Savannah

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